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The Vampire Children are young vampires who appear in Hotel Transylvania 2.

They attend camp at Camp Winnepacaca and are taught numerous vampire related skills such as catching mice, and learning how to transform into a bat.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

The Vampire Children are first seen when Dracula, Dennis and the rest of the gang first arrive inside Camp Winnepacaca. Dracula and Dennis first see the kids playing "Batminton" or Badminton.

Next they are shown walking up and picking up their mice from Dana. One boy who walks up has trouble picking up his mouse because he is scared until Dracula yells at him telling him it's right there and saying "What's the matter with you?!"

They are shown again when Dana brings Dracula and Dennis over to where they teach the kids how to transform into bats. The kids are all shown lining up on a small platform to swing off a small rope onto a cushioned mat. One kid has trouble turning into a bat and gets stuck on the rope, asking for help from one of the camp workers. 

Later they are all shown gathered around the camp fire singing a song and holding hands as Dana plays a song about being friends on his guitar. However, when some of the kids notice Dennis and Drac up on top of the tower they get themselves away from the camp fire to observe Dennis be thrown off the tower. One of the kids records the act on their phone and upload it. The video eventually makes its way to Jonathan and Mavis where they are forced to return home to the Hotel to check to see if Dennis is alright.


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