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Wiki Adoption Request

Oganesson December 28, 2016 User blog:Oganesson

Hi everyone, I would like to tell you my will about the adoption of this wiki.

Since the founder and the sole bureaucrat, User:Zannabanna, is inactive in Wikia, and there is only one active admin here, User:Vector7707. I talked to him, and it seems like there is no other qualification to become an admin.

So my plan here is not to replace any incumbent admins or bureaucrat here, but I want to become an admin. Though, as you can see, I'm relatively a newcomer here, but actually I joined Wikia since last January and has experience in administration in other wikis. I care this wiki, and I want to help this wiki more!

Please don't hesitate to comment!

Update: The staff just approved the adoption, so from now, January 2, 2017, Vector 7707 becomes the new bureaucrat while I become an admin.

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