The Ballad of Mavis is the song sung in the Hotel Transylvania: the television series episode, Bad Friday.


Skeleton: It's the ballad of Mavis, the frightner to humans, and the scream heard around the world.

Mavis (speaking): Well, Okay. I went behind a tree, and I saw an open window....

Skeleton: Hidden by The Tree of Decison, with sap of purest gold, Mavis spot The Gateway to Terror! Could she be so bold?

Mavis (speaking): Then I went up to the window....

Skeleton: She Could! She could! She could and she was!

Mavis (speaking): And then I saw Mrs. Cartwright, and....

(Mavis turns into a bat and hisses right at Kitty Cartwright, which caused her to scream.)

Monsters: She scared her prey on Bad Friday! Mavis, frightner to humans!

Mavis (speaking): Um, that's not how it-

Aunt Lydia: I don't think she pulled it off! She's only just a child!

Hank N. Stein: She's scarier than you by far!

Aunt Lydia: Or plain, fast or viled!

Pedro (speaking): She scared the humans and ditched her score, and blasted aliens with a whole bunch of lasers! Oh,you want some of this?! (laughs.)

Monsters: She scared her prey on Bad Friday, and blasted aliens with lasers, hey! Mavis, frightner to humans!

Wendy Blob: Mavis, frightner to humans!


This is actually the first time Hank N Stein, Pedro, Wendy Blob, Aunt Lydia, and all the others sing.