Sheep are animals that appear in Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2.


In Hotel Transylvania, a sheep is first seen blocking the road to town when Dracula and his friends are driving a hearse to find Johnny. Griffin, who is driving, quickly steers out of the way, and they end up on an access road, only to be stopped by a flock of sheep. When they stop the car, Dracula and friends scream "Aah! Lots of sheep!" Wayne then gleefully says "I got this one!", before going out and noisily devouring the entire flock (off-screen), much to his friends' horror in a few seconds. When he came back to the car, he belched out a tuft of wool and they looked at him in disgust, prompting him to say "What? Now there's no sheep in the road. Let's go!" Murray found his behavior disgusting, but Wayne says that what he did is the same as eating lamb chops, and insists they keep moving.

A flock of sheep is seen breifly in Hotel Transylvania 2 when the hotel staff lay out a fancy carpet for Mavis and Johnny's wedding and they stampede by, tracking dirt on it.