Mr. Hyde is a minor character in the 2012 animated film, Hotel Transylvania.


He is a deformed yellow monster with an underbite, messed up hair, and a suit and a top hat. He makes various cameos throughout the movie and is seen in various crowd scenes with other monsters. In production papers, he is mistakenly referred to as his good side, Dr. Jekyll, even though he is in a monster form. 


Not much is known about Mr. Hyde's personality in the movie, as he is a very minor character in the film.


Hotel Transylvania (film)Edit

Mr. Hyde is seen at the entrance of Hotel Transylvania when Murray makes his entrance in the film.

He is later seen at the bar dancing to the rock song "118."

When in the game-room, Mr. Hyde is seen playing Bingo with a very bored look on his face. He plays Bingo with a Gargoyle.

At the gym, Mr. Hyde is seen watching Jonathan riding around on the scooter.

Mr. Hyde is seen attending Mavis's 1st party dancing to the song "Where Did the Time go, Girl?" After Jonathan apologizes to Bigfoot, he is seen on the right, dancing to the beat.

He later appears in the crowd of angry monsters wanting to check out of the hotel before Dracula reconciles with him and the other monsters.

Mr Hyde later attends Mavis's 2nd party in the final scene dancing to "The Zing" song. He goes "Oh, oh, oh!" as the main characters fly on the haunted tables.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

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  • There is a deformed construction foreman monster that bares a resemblance to Mr. Hyde that was seen in the first half of the movie. Whether Mr. Hyde and the foreman are cousins or the same is unknown.