Careful, you don't want to make such an ugly face. I might just make it stay that way.
— Medusa taunting Lydia

Medusa is Aunt Lydia's childhood "friend". She is a character who appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

Official Profile Edit

Medusa at some point was considered Aunt Lydia's only friend when she was growing up. That was until Medusa quite literally stabbed her in the back. After that Lydia began her long hatred towards Medusa.

Centuries later Mavis invited Medusa to the Hotel in an attempt to make Aunt Lydia happy because she thought they were still friends. At the Hotel Medusa began to tease Lydia and torment her once more. While in the shower Medusa set her snake hair down while the snakes slept. During this time Mavis snuck into her room to give a gift basket to her. While inside Medusa's room she tried on the snake hair pretending to be Medusa. While pretending to turn things into stone she accidentally turned Medusa into stone as she was walking out of the shower.

Eventually Medusa was unfrozen in the main lobby when Mavis finally returned her snake hair back onto her head. Still in her bath robe Medusa quickly became embarrassed. In the distance Lydia watched Medusa's misfortune, smiling.