Martha's Gift

Martha's Gift was given to Mavis on her 118th birthday. Martha had made the six page book so her daughter would know what it would be like when she finds her Zing and to remind her husband that she wants their child to treasure it.

It was like Martha knew that she wouldn't be there for Mavis' 118th and teach her about love and Zing in person, so she made the gift to pass her words to her from beyond the grave: and to remind her husband that he needs to let their daughter go when she finds hers.


The gift was wrapped in gold/bright-shiny brown monster pattern pager, a black ribbon with an old thorn root-twig and a tag saying: Happy 118 from Mom.

While the gift itself is a handmade (six page) book called True Love by Mom, with hand drawings of Martha and Draculas' first meeting.

Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

Martha knew that her little girl would find her Zing when she turns 118, so she made Mavis a gift that would help her understand the feeling by writing about her meeting her Zing. Once made she wrapped it up and she asked her husband (without him knowing what it is) not to give it to Mavis untill her 118th birthday.

Martha's Gift (wrapped)

The gift wrapped

When she died Dracula kept his promise and kept the gift safe and hidden; incase Mavis got any ideas. Once the day/night came Dracula placed the long waited present on Mavis' bed so she may open it with or without him later, before heading down to her 118th birthday party, that Jonathan helped him prepare. After Jonathan's secret was reviled by Quasimodo Wilson and left the hotel, Dracula found his broken hearted daughter on the roof; holding her mother's gift close to her chest before handing it to her father. Reading it brought back memories for Dracula as he read and looked at the hand drawings of him and Martha. Her writing also reminded him that a Zing only happens "once" and that Martha wanted Mavis to cherish it. He cashed Mavis' Zing away by keeping Johnny a secret and letting him leave; so he and his friends chased after Jonathan and brought him back to the hotel, so he and Mavis can be together. It's what Martha would have wanted him to do, for their baby.