Kitty Cartwright is a human mother who lives near Hotel Transylvania with her husband and daughter. She appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series

Official ProfileEdit

Mrs. Cartwright lives with her family close to Hotel Transylvania. Unlike her husband Donald she is very overprotective of their young child, and absolutely despises monsters. Even going as far to set up an elaborate defense system on their home to protect them from other monsters. When she learned that monsters (Mavis and her friends) had broken into her house she rushed home in a frenzied panic to protect her baby.

Despite coming off as rude and snobbish she does show some hospitality towards other guests. When Hank showed up at their house, now transformed into a human, she gladly accepted him into their home to hang out and play games. 

Like the rest of her family she has befriended Diane the Chicken, who often comes over to play with the Cartwrights.