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Hotel Transylvania is a luxurious hotel for monsters only appearing in Hotel Transylvania.

It appears again in the sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2, now accepting monsters and humans.


It was built by Dracula, who is also the hotel owner and manager. Hotel Transylvania is surrounded by a graveyard and a spooky forest.

The hotel is meant to be a safe place for monsters to get away from humans, and has been human-free since 1898. It is also the home of Dracula and his daughter Mavis. As of the second film, Jonathan and Dennis have started living here too.

The hotel itself is built like a castle. Located on the outskirts of Transylvania, it is surrounded by a dense, haunted forest, tall mountains, the land of the undead, and a moat full of piranhas. It is totally secluded from the rest of the world and inaccessible to humans. There is also a maze of secret tunnels under the castle.

The staff is mostly made up of zombies, witches, animated suits of armor, gargoyles, and spiders.


  • Since it was opened, Hotel Transylvania would only be "human free" for 114 years.
  • The interior of the hotel might be magical, given the enormous guests like Bigfoot and a giant spider, would never be able to get through conventional entrances.
  • The room numbers seem jumbled. Mavis's room is 174 and is near the roof of the hotel. Bigfoot had 317 as his room.
  • As of the second film, humans are now welcomed to hotel. Dracula put Johnny in charge of making the hotel more human-friendly. Such changes include televisions displaying the available activities. This would mean the hotel now uses electricity.
  • Dennis, Mavis, Johnny, and Dracula have their own rooms.



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