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The Gargoyles attempt to catch Quasimodo under Dracula's order

The Gargoyles are part of the staff for Hotel Transylvania.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

The Gargoyles work as waiters at Hotel Transylvania. A Gargoyle waiter is often abused by Quasimodo Wilson with all sorts of excuses by him (such as Dracula declines the food he made), who is often arrogant to other hotel staff.

When Dracula magically froze Quasimodo, the gargoyle waiter that was abused got even with Quasimodo by putting one of his fingers up his nose.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

They are seen serving food at Dennis' birthday party. They are also wearing chef hats, which appears that they might have replaced Quasimodo in being the Hotel's new cook.