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The Dracula Remix is a video in YouTube, uploaded by a user named Vamp Kid666. It lasts 17 seconds, and it is a remix about the quarrel between Dracula and Dana and Dennis' tower jumping.


[Dennis falling from a tower with rapid edits of Dracula arguing with Dana to a rhythm track.]
Dracula: His mother's already nutsy cuckoo! Nutsy cuckoo! Ah-ooh! Eh-ah-ee-ee! Cuckoo!
Dana: Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh-oh-oh my devil. I have to follow protocol.
Dracula: That ain't happening! That ain't happening! His mother's already ah-kee-kee-a cuckoo! Ah-kee-ooh-ah-ee-ah cuckoo! [echoing]


Dracula, Mavis, Blobby and more React to Vamp Kid666 - Dracula Remix00:18

Dracula, Mavis, Blobby and more React to Vamp Kid666 - Dracula Remix

  • The video is shown to have more than 2 million views, but it appears that those dislike are more than those like the video. However, the video does exist in reality, ; though there is an imposter of Vamp Kid666 in YouTube.


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