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The Dracula Remix is a video in YouTube, uploaded by a user named Vamp Kid666. It lasts 17 seconds, and it is a remix about the quarrel between Dracula and Dana and Dennis' tower jumping.


[Dennis falling from a tower with rapid edits of Dracula arguing with Dana to a rhythm track.]
Dracula: His mother's already nutsy cuckoo! Nutsy cuckoo! Ah-ooh! Eh-ah-ee-ee! Cuckoo!
Dana: Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh-oh-oh my devil. I have to follow protocol.
Dracula: That ain't happening! That ain't happening! His mother's already ah-kee-kee-a cuckoo! Ah-kee-ooh-ah-ee-ah cuckoo! [echoing]


Dracula, Mavis, Blobby and more React to Vamp Kid666 - Dracula Remix00:18

Dracula, Mavis, Blobby and more React to Vamp Kid666 - Dracula Remix

  • The video is shown to have more than 2 million views, but it appears that those dislike are more than those like the video. However, the video doesn't ever exist in reality, and there's also no complete version available either; though there is an imposter of Vamp Kid666 in YouTube.


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