Debbie (aka Debbie Doll or Demented Debbie) is Mavis' childhood toy. She is a character who appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series, introduced in the episode Hide and Shriek

Official Profile Edit

Demented Debbie is a toy for monsters that plays with their owners for forever and never leaves them alone. When Mavis was a young girl her father Dracula got her a Demented Debbie toy for achieving in sunlight safety.

Debbie Wakes Mavis

At some point Mavis and Demented Debbie started a game of "Hide and Shriek" where Debbie went to hide and Mavis would look for her. Eventually Mavis forgot about the game and Debbie remained lost for over 90 years in the hotel. That was until Mavis accidentally found Debbie again in a collection of her old things in storage. Upon being found Debbie once again began her endless playtime with Mavis.

After a couple days of nonstop playing Mavis hatched a plan to get rid of Debbie by gifting her her own Demented Debbie so they could play with each other forever much to Debbie's dismay.

Trivia Edit

  • She's portrayed by Tara Strong.
  • Despite the warning about Debbie in the TV surficial, Drac couldn't say no to Mavis.
    • He did however tried to get rid of the ghost doll by burning it, until he finally locked all of Mavis's old toys away.

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