Daddy's Girl is a song Dracula sang to Mavis when she was young to reassure her that he would always protect her.

Lyrics Edit

My beautiful May-vay.

Let me wipe all your poop away.

Those humans are nas-tay, so with Daddy you will stay.

And if a human tries to harm you l'll simply say... [Aggressive Growling]

Because your daddy's girl. Daddy's girl.

Johnny's GirlEdit

During Mavis' wedding Dracula sang an updated version of the song to Mavis and Johnny. Expressing that her mother would be so happy for her and that she is now Johnny's Girl.


And you'll always be my moonlight.

But now on wings of love you soar.

Now that you're Johnny's girl. Johnny's girl. And kind of Daddy's, too.

Your mom would be so happy 'cause she always knew.

Love is making room for all the best in you.

Videos Edit

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