"Bad Friday" is the third episode of the first season of Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

Synopsis Edit

The monsters celebrate Bad Friday by trying to win the Screamie for the best scare.

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In Hotel Transylvania, Frank announced the Bad Friday celebration, while Mavis Dracula, Hank N Stein, Pedro, and Wendy Blob, along with the others, are trying to get the Screamie for the best scare. Despite that all the monsters convinced her to win, along with her father Dracula, Mavis refuses, however, she decided to do it. While she tried to scare Kitty Cartwright, and despite The Ballad of Mavis, she didn't scare her, and she's the one who screamed. Aunt Lydia tries to prove that Mavis did scare Kitty Cartwright, so she followed Mavis to Kitty Cartwright's house, where (being seen in a silhouette) she changed her daughter's diaper. Being freaked out by the sight, Both Aunt Lydia and Mavis screamed, which they both won the screamie.

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Songs Edit

Bad Friday

The Ballad of Mavis

Trivia Edit

This is actually the first time we hear Mavis screamed, along with Aunt Lydia.

It's been revealed that Hank is the son of Frank, and Wendy Blob is the daughter of Blobby